We are...

community advocates, school supporters, and educational partners dedicated to addressing the academic and emotional needs of our youth.

We see...

social and emotional learning as a powerful tool in improving academic achievement, and blend together academic and emotional development activities in our work to support students.

We believe...

that when students take command of their social and academic learning experiences, they become engaged participants in their own success.

We use...

innovative academic practices to nurture young women and men to better understand, question, and remake the world around them.


• We hold high standards for the experience of children, and therefore ourselves

• We value innovation and creativity

• We value high quality performance, products, and services

• We value mistakes as an opportunity to learn


• We value balance between our personal and professional worlds

• We acknowledge that nurturing our well-being brings out our best work

• We value the organization’s ability to conduct thoughtful strategic planning and to sustain itself financially

• We value authenticity and recognize the dignity of each human being

• We value nurturing relationships such that we feel bonded and connected

• We value practice of affirming and recognizing good work and great effort

• We value the positive power that acknowledging others creates


• We value and welcome diverse voices and multiple perspectives

• We value people engaging and discussing issues that affect them

• We believe that inclusion creates important alliances and opportunities for collaboration

• We know that intentional, thoughtful interactions among students, staff, and leadership create valuable learning opportunities

• We value the planning process, which leads to thoughtful and deliberate action

• We acknowledge the power to create our individual and organizational reality


• We value and encourage the leadership capabilities inherent in those who work for or on behalf of MFE

• We value initiative, commitment, and passion

• We foster a community of leaders who work collaboratively to contribute to our community

• We empower all staff and students to take ownership over their programs and experiences


Meet some people who REALLY care.


Who would have believed that a single good idea, a team of passionate people, and a whole lot of hard work could build an organization capable of making such an impact in our community?

At first, it was just the two of us: friends, colleagues, and educators with a vision for a new way of educating youth. Instead of zooming into the minutia of our students’ academic skills gaps, we felt compelled to zoom out, uncovering the deep, underlying issues that impact our students’ success in school.

In our first few years, we developed a collective of young female educators,
Girls Moving Forward.

However, it didn’t take long for our vision to extend to serving boys in a new way, and
Boys Moving Forward was born.

Today, all of us at Moving Forward Education work tirelessly to equip our youth–young women and men–with experiences and tools that not only help them achieve success in school, but also support their strength and resiliency in an imperfect world.