We have over a dozen years of experience custom-building academic intervention and social/emotional support programs for the highest need students in our community.

Our tutoring program focuses on students’ emotional well-being as a critical strategy for improving their academic achievement, and consistently delivers measurable results in student outcomes. As school partners, we custom-build programs to meet the unique needs of each of our school communities.

Our culturally-relevant, skilled, and passionate Academic Mentors:

•  Provide individualized support to students in the context of their classrooms, filling in the skill and content gaps necessary for them to grasp the classroom instruction offered

•  Offer targeted and intensive one-on-one and small group tutoring to their caseload of students

•  Support the development of positive school and classroom culture through a focus on social and emotional learning

In partnership with the Alameda County Office of Education and its community school sites, we have developed and implemented a youth-led after-school program for a population which had not previously had access to these kinds of opportunities.

The program includes:

•  Career and college development programming, aimed at supporting students to navigate opportunities beyond high school

•  Gender-responsive restorative justice circles for our young women and men

•  Student leadership programming which empowers students to use their voice in service of their school communities

•  Enrichment opportunities for students to explore their talents and interests

•  Legal justice education

•  Academic support to ensure that students remain on track to succeed and graduate!

In partnership with the City of Oakland, Oakland Unified, and Alameda County alternative high schools, our Oakland Unite violence prevention grant provides a comprehensive set of services designed to transition students into successful adult education and employment opportunities.

The project features:

•  One-on-One Academic Mentorship, including tutoring, accelerated credit recovery & test preparation supports

•  Individualized Continuing Education Planning, including dual-enrollment in community college, career technical education & pre-college programs

•  Career Exploration Programming, including after-school enrichment courses, work readiness training & financial literacy skill building

•  Personalized Paid Internship/Externship Experiences, including leadership and community service activities, placement with aligned employers inside and outside of the school community, and ongoing supports that allow our students to successfully manage their new responsibilities and persist in the face of personal and professional obstacles


“The students who participate in Moving Forward Education demonstrate increased confidence, both personally and academically, are more focused on achieving their academic goals, and have stronger teamwork and cooperation skills. These skills are critical to our students’ continued success.”
Monica Thomas
Network Superintendent / Oakland Unified School District
“What did I like best about the tutoring program? Getting work done, because it kept me out of trouble.”
Tyron Ireland
Student / McClymonds High
“I have been blown away by the way that Moving Forward Education has adopted my school and offered us so much support. Not only have they made a tremendous impact on my students’ academic achievement, they have also greatly contributed to my school’s positive social and emotional climate.”
Adam Taylor
Former Principal / Brookfield Elementary, Oakland
“While we’re tutoring, we’re talking about race, we’re talking about class, we’re talking about gender: how these things play out in our lives, and how we can be empowered by them. All while meeting their academic needs!”
Noah Lystrup
Academic Mentor
“The students in our school deal with homelessness, violence, and a gamut of social emotional issues that prevent them from concentrating on their academic work. I cannot imagine what we could have done without our Moving Forward tutors. They became part of our academic team and they bonded with our students and staff.”
Nestor Gonzalez
Teacher / Bunche Academy, Oakland
“What I liked best about tutoring is that I got to have one on one time and actually got to learn and understand things.”
Antanae Patterson
Student / McClymonds High
“I could not have graduated so many students without the invaluable partnership and support of Moving Forward Education!”
Betsye Steele
Principal / Bunche Academy, Oakland
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When girls lack self-confidence, when they are distracted by social problems in their peer groups, and when they internalize social messages that punish intelligence in women, they learn to turn their focus away from their academic abilities. Our tutoring and mentoring program turns the focus back to our girls’ talents and capabilities, with the support of a crew of connective, engaging, and accomplished women!

Our girl-centered programs began in 2003, and remain a critical strategy in our tireless effort to eradicate educational inequity.Our girl-centered programs began in 2003, and remain a critical strategy in our tireless effort to eradicate educational inequity.

We remain committed to eliminating the gender-confidence gap, envisioning a world in which all girls are encouraged to fully develop their intellectual, creative, and leadership abilities.

Despite the fact that many students struggle in school, studies have shown that girls in particular experience a dramatic drop in confidence at the onset of adolescence.

Junior high school girls, once as confident as their male classmates, suddenly feel less successful at school, particularly in the subjects of math and science.

This documented drop in confidence has a major impact on girls’ academic performance—their grades drop with their faltering self-esteem.

We’ve built an academic mentorship program dedicated to supporting the competence and confidence of girls–both in and out of the classroom.

We understand the social issues that girls face in school, and integrate curricula and group activities that build confidence, positive body-image, healthy friendships, leadership, teamwork, and self-esteem in each of our girls. Girls leave our program not only doing better academically, but also being better equipped to succeed in life.


“Emotionally, I have noticed she is better prepared to speak up for herself and doesn’t refrain from telling others how she feels. Academically, I have noticed she is doing well in school and has improved her math skills.”
Jessica Mendoza
Parent / Gault Elementary School
“This program has helped my daughter become more independent and confident about herself.”
Carmen Arenas
Parent / Pajaro Middle School
"At Girls Moving Forward, I learned how to be independent and have confidence in myself. My favorite thing about GMF is that I get to be myself.”
Melrose Leadership Academy
“My girls tragically lost their father during their first year of participation in Girls Moving Forward. I strongly believe that without the support of their tutors/mentors, they would have lost all interest in getting back on track at school. The beautiful relationships that my girls have formed with their tutors have helped them to find the self-confidence to continue on their path in school and in life.”
Javlyn Woods
Parent / Brookfield Elementary School
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